Branding Project

By Thomas Eklund

I need a logo / identity development / branding for website. If you are interested in this project, please make sure that you read the Website Design Project subsection and Image Development Project subsection content, because both contain information that is closely relevant to this project.

If I would have to describe effective higher education with only one word, that word would be development. Development moves a project toward reaching a satisfactory outcome. Being a developer means handling tasks that focus on moving a project along toward a successful completion. This is highly relevant because we develop ourselves through attaining education.

In accordance with effective higher education definition, in effective higher education attaining context being a developer means setting and achieving personalized objectives that help to attain effective higher education. This also means taking an active role in the development of skills and knowledge attainment projects.

We cannot rely on going to college, getting a degree, getting a job and then another one, and expecting work to be fulfilling automatically and professional development steps to fall into place automatically. We need to take an active role in understanding what objectives are best for us and how to attain them.

For this reason I chose for slogan:

Develop the future

We are not learning for today. We are learning so that we will be able to develop a better tomorrow.

Further, as is stated in other subsections, in addition to development, effective higher education attaining and education providing are also about enabling, empowering and value.

Important aspect here is that development itself as a skill can be applied in many areas of life. People can apply their development skills to their education and career development. People can apply their development skills as employees, thus providing value to the employers. People can apply their development skills as entrepreneurs, providing value to themselves and to their company or organization, clients and employees. All of this is related to value delivery principle. Higher education and the relevant skills should be effective, so that the outcome delivers positive net value to traditional students, adult learners and employers who hire college graduates.

Thus, I believe that branding and logo should be developed around these concepts. However, I am open to suggestions.

So, What Do You Think of This Project – Can You Deliver the Needed Results?

If you think that you can create branding and logo that are suitable for new website, please let me know about it and we can discuss the relevant details.

Unless you already have done so, please send me URLs that contain your previous work. If the URLs do not have direct reference to you as the author of the work shown, please explain how I can validate that it is indeed your work.

Further, please let me know what your thoughts are regarding the following:

  • Are you interested in this project and if so, when can you start working on it and when do you expect to have the first results?
  • I need a logo / identity development / branding for, either with or without business card, letterhead, envelope and presentation design. Logo development is the most important part of it. What specifically would you deliver as part of your services?
  • What information can you provide that will help to avoid any potential copyright-related problems?
  • What do you anticipate the total cost of your services to be regarding this projects?
  • Do you have any experiences where your client was not able to use your work? How did you handle such instances? The reason, why I ask about it, is that I plan to use the work that I really like. If I cannot use the work done, I am still ready to compensate the agreed on cost, but I expect that cost to be lower than the cost of actually usable end results. In that case the amount I pay is simply a loss for me and I have to try my luck with the next developer.
  • Does this sound reasonable to you and if so, do you have a specific suggestions for how we could proceed in this area?