Website sections:

What Are Effective Higher Education Core Concepts? was opened in September of 2016 as a starting point to what most likely will be a long journey. So, everything about is work in process, including social community building functionality development.

The three website sections, Core Concepts, Projects and Resources contain information about different aspects of this venture.

In this Core Concepts section are listed articles that address the essence of Effective Higher Education venture development and the essence of this website, from objectives to methods that will be used for materializing the objectives. This is a growing list – there are several more articles planned for this section.

So, here's what we do:

  • is using principles that are comparable to open source development. Website members can use the knowledge they attain for their professional and personal benefit.
  • We identify what makes higher education effective.
  • Further, we identify effective higher education demand and supply related aspects and relevant gaps – what is needed for attaining effective higher education and who are supplying cost-effectively relevant educational and skill attaining resources. Similarly, we identify areas where there is a lack of necessary resources. Lack of resources creates entrepreneurial opportunities, considering that sufficient and suitable demand exists.
  • Overall objective is to identify increasingly usable effective higher education related concepts, solutions and resources. From general we will proceed toward specific and toward identifying increasingly individualized, differentiated and personalized solutions.

Most of the articles in this section address relevant topics.

Some of this material may be controversial, such as Effective Higher Education Core Principles. Hopefully, any differences in views will not prevent people from working together.