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About Resources Available to Members focuses on identification and development of concepts that help to make higher education effective. Together with concept development we will identify both Internet based resources that can be used for attaining effective higher education, gaps between the resources that are needed and are provided, and opportunities that these gaps create for effective higher education solution providers.

Website members who participate in the projects can use the knowledge gained for their personal and professional benefit, while also helping to advance effective higher education development in the process. website will have social community building functionality and tools integrated with the rest of the website. The first tested social community building software, Ning version 3, had substantial technical problems. That resulted in change in the course of action. Currently, the focus is on development of projects that are listed in the Projects section. Access to social community building functionality, once ready for usage, will be listed under the Resources section.

Similarly, effective higher education attaining related resources that are available to the general public (above all Internet accessible resources) will be listed under the Resources section.

Currently, introductory information about content usage and website membership is listed in this section.