ResultsGetter EduPlusPro Personal Application Development

By Thomas Eklund

ResultsGetter EduPlusPro Personal Application is effective higher education attaining and professional development focused personal project development application. This application is work in process. The objective is to launch this application's first version more-or-less at the same time when new website together with branding and custom designed social community building functionality and Effective Higher Education conceptual platform will be launched.

Overall objective set for ResultsGetter EduPlusPro Personal Application's functionality development is to build an application that is capable of consultatively communicating with the application users, so that it helps to design, develop and implement higher education attaining and professional development focused personal projects. This is a very challenging but achievable objective.

The above objective entails certain amounts of machine intelligence. There is a big difference between artificial general intelligence, and project development focused functionality that exhibits intelligent decision-making capabilities. Usage of the former, or strong artificial intelligence, is not this project's objective – at least not for this application's first version. Usage of the latter, that is, project development focused functionality that exhibits intelligent decision-making capabilities, is this project's objective. It is doable, but requires some novel approaches and lots of work. The relevant work will be ongoing.

Further, this application's development processes involve at least one rather important paradox, that is also applicable to other applications that deal with complex subject matters. There will be lots of organized data behind the user interfaces, and lots of concepts involved, with most of them rendered into interacting functionality parts. The user experiences, however, have to be the opposite – simple, sufficiently easily understandable, and focused on one or a few concepts at the time without creating information overload. Further, the user experiences have to be encouraging, genuinely caring, and both friendly and effectively helpful, and so that the interactions between the application and its users are rendered in a personalized manner. That is a lot, but it is doable and getting there is a road filled with lots of interesting professional challenges and growth opportunities.

Here's another way to describe this application. ResultsGetter EduPlusPro Personal Application is built on ResultsGetter Engine and assists the user with setting and achieving application user-specific objectives and goals so, that the outcomes are tailored to the application user's characteristics and preferences. The corresponding, underlying ResultsGetter Method software application development method describes solutions for building software applications that in collaborative environments assist application users to develop and manage projects.

ResultsGetter EduPlusPro Personal Application will be developed further in versions. We will start with a relatively simple functionality and will proceed toward more complex versions.

I will need lots of assistance in the process. Ideally, I would prefer to work with partners, but I can also use outsourced assistance.

So, if you are interested in participating in this venture, please let me know. Similarly, if you know someone who might be interested in it, please let him or her know about it.

I will add here that ResultsGetter EduPlusPro Personal Application is not part of Technical Platform. ResultsGetter EduPlusPro Personal Application represents Effective Higher Education venture clients and forms a related but separate venture and cluster of projects.

If you are interested in participating in the development of effective higher education related concepts or in the relevant technical or organizational and business development, please contact Thomas Eklund via social media for additional information.