About EffectiveHigherEducation.org Projects

Even as a startup, Effective Higher Education is a large and complex venture. This is inevitable, because otherwise we would not be able to provide sufficient value to effective higher education primary target markets – traditional students, adult learners and employers who hire college graduates. While typically a narrow focus is safer for a startup, in this case too narrow focus would most likely be much riskier, rendering the venture into another “me too!” type of undertaking with a very limited potential for success.

Further, in order to succeed, this venture will need scalable revenue sources and operating structures. These aspects also contribute to expanding the size and the complexity of this venture. However, integrating different areas cost-effectively prior to launch helps to put in place a strong foundation for growth and contributes to building a venture with a solid potential for success.

As a venture, Effective Higher Education can be viewed as a system of mutually supportive technical and non-technical components. Each such component contains projects that are focused on achieving specific objectives. As the development of the venture progresses, projects will be completed and new ones will be started.

This venture will be launched when the initial versions of the three components listed below are ready for usage. These three components are listed from the simplest to the most complex and time consuming to develop:

(1) EffectiveHigherEducation.org website together with branding and custom designed social community building functionality,

(2) Effective Higher Education Conceptual Platform, and

(3) ResultsGetter EduPlusPro Personal Application version 1.

All three components support each other and need to be usable, so that they meet the operational objectives. Until then, the pre-launch projects listed below will continue to be developed further slowly, but steadily:

If you are interested in participating in the development of effective higher education related concepts or in the relevant technical or organizational and business development, please contact Thomas Eklund via social media for additional information.