Effective Higher Education Conceptual Platform Development

By Thomas Eklund

Effective Higher Education Conceptual Platform is a combination of mutually supportive concepts and methods that that are aimed at making effective higher education increasingly useful for its primary target markets, which are traditional students, adult learners and employers who hire college graduates.

Preliminary information on some of the relevant concepts is available in this website's Core Concepts section: effective higher education definition, EduPlusPro skills and Effective Higher Education Core Principles. Other related concepts are being developed simultaneously with the development of technical components that are listed in the About Projects subsection. These concepts will be published on EffectiveHigherEducation.org new website after the website is launched.

The concepts and methods that are part of the Effective Higher Education Conceptual Platform will form a foundation that can be built on when the EffectiveHigherEducation.org website launches together with custom designed social community building functionality. So, the objective is to work toward having a set of concepts that will provide growing amounts of value both to effective higher education

– consumers: traditional students, adult learners and employers and

– service providers: educators, educational coaches, advisors, consultants, skill development resource providers and software application developers.

If you are interested in participating in the development of effective higher education related concepts or in the relevant technical or organizational and business development, please contact Thomas Eklund via social media for additional information.