EffectiveHigherEducation.org Organizational and Business Development

By Thomas Eklund

Effective Higher Education as a venture will be registered as a non-profit organization prior to launching the venture as is stated in the About Projects subsection. While the organization has not been registered yet, the relevant broadly defined objectives have been set.

Effective Higher Education venture related organizational objective will be identification, development and advancement of effective higher education attaining, providing and usage solutions.

This organizational objective will be materialized through working with effective higher education

– consumers: traditional students, adult learners and employers and

– service providers: educators, educational coaches, advisors, consultants, skill development resource providers and software application developers.

Organizational objective materialization work will proceed through both usage of EffectiveHigherEducation.org new website and custom designed social community building functionality and through cultivating direct relations with growing numbers employers and service providers.

Business development will proceed through rendering Internet-based services to both effective higher education consumers and service provides.

If you are interested in participating in the development of effective higher education related concepts or in the relevant technical or organizational and business development, please contact Thomas Eklund via social media for additional information.