Educational Plus Professional Skills Demand Survey Research Project

By Thomas Eklund website focus is on identification and development of concepts that help to make higher education effective. The objective is to identify increasingly usable concepts. Most of the work is expected to proceed through development of projects, including research projects that help to evaluate definitions and working hypotheses. Website members can participate in the projects and use the knowledge gained for their personal and professional benefit, while also helping to advance effective higher education development in the process.

We develop this venture further by using effective higher education related concepts that are working hypotheses which need to be validated. Accordingly, the relevant research will have an important role in this venture's operations.

According to the current plans, the first such research project will address effective higher education demand and educational plus professional (EduPlusPro) skills demand.

This research project will be implemented when new website together with branding and custom designed social community building functionality is ready for usage.

This research project participation will be available to qualified individuals who may represent their own professional interests, or participate as company or organization's representatives.

If you are interested in participating in the development of effective higher education related concepts or in the relevant technical or organizational and business development, please contact Thomas Eklund via social media for additional information.