Effective higher education development in open source environment

What makes higher education effective? How would you define higher education that is effective?

How do you know what kind of work is best suited for you? What else can we use in addition to aptitude tests to find answers?

What kinds of knowledge and skills combinations are likely to be optimal for your educational and professional development and how can you attain these optimal knowledge and skills combinations?

This website will address these and other similar questions in open source-like environment, so that we can develop effective higher education concepts and solutions that benefit primary consumers of higher education services: traditional students, adult learners and employers.

As a venture, Effective Higher Education will offer opportunities to educational service providers: educators, educational coaches, advisors, consultants, skill development resource providers and software application developers and higher education entrepreneurs.

EffectiveHigherEducation.org website current version contains introductory information and uses a temporary site design solution. The new and very different version that is work in process will include a custom designed social community building functionality. The topics that will be addressed will build on the framework that is outlined in the current version.

Information on Effective Higher Education venture and participation opportunities

Effective higher education is a project driven environment. This applies whether you are an educational service provider or are interested in attaining effective higher education for your own personal and professional development.

While EffectiveHigherEducation.org new website and the custom designed social community building functionality are being developed, people who are interested in the concepts that are addressed here are encouraged to inquire about collaboration opportunities.