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The article below was written for this website social community version. This process started with usage of Ning 3 software that turned out to be practically unusable. (See Website Development Project for additional information.) So, the social community functionality development for this website is work in process. However, you can still become website member and benefit from your participation. Similarly, the principles outlined below do apply. Please contact Thomas Eklund via social media for additional information.

Website and Membership Focus – Active Participation is Expected

On this website we are developing and customizing effective higher education concepts, so that we can create and develop effective higher education related opportunities.

Accordingly, we are looking for website members who want to actively participate in effective higher education development related projects and are interested in putting these concepts to good use as well.

As this website member, you can join one or more existing projects that are open to new project members, or suggest a new project.

Currently open and already closed projects are listed in the Projects section. The nature of the projects varies. For example, discussion groups that contain objectives and have a project development structure are also considered projects. website administrator may contact members who do not participate in projects. These members accounts who do not respond to website administrator's emails may be deleted.

Member Page Requirements

Every member's page should contain information about the member, about the member's areas of expertise, prior experience and effective higher education development related areas of interests.

Further, every member's page should contain links to other websites (employment related websites, Facebook and other social media sites) that contain information about the member. Similarly, from the other websites the new member should create links to his or her account on This helps to identify the member, to verify the member's identity and it also helps to market

New members are expected to include the relevant information and links on their page within 3 days from joining Accounts that do not contain sufficient identifying information may be deleted.

Briefly, people need to know whom they are dealing with and what kind of experience and effective higher education development related interests different members have.


Joining this website is free of charge. Similarly, participation in effective higher education development related projects is free of charge.

Website members who jointly participate in a project may agree to cover certain costs jointly. Any such agreements are strictly voluntary and are expected to be relevant in instances where participants benefit from the agreement, while also developing further effective higher education related concepts.

Working with Other Members

Website members can work with other members. Unless differing arrangements or agreements are made, all such work should be free of charge. If any differing arrangements or agreements are made between this website members, such arrangements and agreements should be made outside of this website framework. is not in any way responsible for any arrangements or agreements that involve monetary obligations.

Website member cannot send spam to any other member or in any other way make contact attempts that previously have been identified as unwanted.

Establishing Other Effective Higher Education Related Sites

Website members can establish their own effective higher education related websites. Website members are encouraged to work on furthering the effective higher education related concepts. Such work can take place within or outside the framework.

For example, website members can use for managing effective higher education related training teams free of charge. These website members who wish to manage training teams for a fee, can establish their own website and provide fee-based training there.

Working Language welcomes members from all the countries. On website the working language of all the communication is English. Communication in any other language should be held outside of website framework.