Website sections: Website Focus – Concept Development and Customization, Opportunity Identification, Activism

By Thomas Eklund website focus is on developing concepts that help to make higher education effective, so that we can create and develop effective higher education related opportunities.

We explore the topics primarily from the traditional students, adult learners and employers' perspective. members can use the knowledge gained from membership related project participation free of charge. If any differing agreements are made between website members, these agreements should be made outside of membership framework.

Concept development and customization. The objective is to identify increasingly usable effective higher education related concepts. From general we will proceed toward specific and toward identifying increasingly individualized, differentiated and personalized solutions.

Most of the work is expected to proceed through development of projects, including research projects that help to evaluate definitions and working hypotheses. Some of the research projects are expected to be conducted on regular bases.

Opportunity identification and concept implementation. Together with concept development, we will attempt to identify gaps between what is needed and what exists, and the opportunities that these gaps create for educators, educational coaches, advisors, consultants, skill development resource providers, software application developers and higher education entrepreneurs.

Similarly, in the process we will attempt to identify Internet-based resources that are available, or should be available, for attaining effective higher education.

Activism. While activism is not the primary focus for this website, it does need to be emphasized here as well. We will operate by using lawful means so, that we can constructively further implementation of concepts that can be expected to create value, while also identifying higher education related problem areas.